Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

Unleash the Power of Data With an Intelligent Data Catalog



Data is the lifeblood of our economy, and data-driven companies turn their data assets into revenue and profits. The first step in any data-driven digital transformation initiative is to manage your data as an enterprise asset: take inventory of it, assess its value, and maximize its use—just like you do with other significant capital and operational investments.

Data is diverse and distributed across many different departments, applications, and data warehouses (some on-premises, others in the cloud), making it a challenge to know exactly what data you have and where. In the world of big data this becomes even more complex.

Informatica® Enterprise Data Catalog is an AI-powered data catalog that provides a machinelearning-based discovery engine to scan and catalog data assets across the enterprise—across cloud and on-premises, and big data anywhere. The intelligence in Enterprise Data Catalog is provided by the CLAIRE™ engine, which provides intelligence by leveraging metadata to deliver intelligent recommendations, suggestions, and automation of data management tasks. This enables IT users to be more productive and business users to be full partners in the management and use of data.



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